In recent years, the renewed business and social security regulations bring significant opportunities to companies in this field, while on the other hand, they cause risks for companies with their complex structure and increasing audits.

In the world of work and social security, besides the frequent legislative changes, the implementation of the judiciary decisions, the organization of the institutions with internal regulations, the institutions such as Human Resources, Finance, Law, and Labor and Social Security legislation obliges to receive continuous and professional support. We aim to provide solutions for you with our knowledgeable and experienced team in order to ensure that companies comply with the laws, manage their risks in a timely manner, and plan them in a timely, efficient and accurate way.

Business and Social Security Consultancy Services

  • Large business and social security advisory
  • Social security and labor legislation check-up service
  • Work permits and social security services of foreigners
  • Utilization of employment incentives
  • Business mergers and acquisitions
  • Minimum labor and negotiation consultancy services
  • Work and social security legislation
  • Consultancy services in the establishment of employment contracts
  • Consulting services in permit applications
  • Counseling services for severance pay
  • Business and social security litigation advice
  • Business and social security reviews consultancy
  • Business and social security legislation training services