In line with the ever-changing legislation and economic conditions, companies need quality and advanced processes to manage their accounting and tax liabilities more effectively.



  • Making account plans,
  • Compliance of Group Companies’ account plans with the Uniform Chart of Accounts,
  • Accounting records compatible with Turkish Uniform Chart of Accounts,
  • Keeping journal books, ledger and assistant books,
  • Management reporting,
  • Accounting control services..


We have extensive experience in providing payroll services to companies operating in various sectors and in the preparation of complex payrolls. According to the structure and practices of your company, we can undertake a well-managed payroll process and undertake the following services.

  • Consultancy on Payroll and Social Security legislation,
  • Processing and review of payrolls and records;
  • Preparation of Social Security (SGK) e-Declarations,
  • Calculation of notice, severance and other compensation obligations,
  • Performing transactions related to the personnel who leave the work and leave the work,
  • Preparation of payroll reports and related accounting records,
  • Preparation of e-payroll.

Compliance with Tax Legislation and Tax Returns

We will generate an effective process to ensure that you submit your tax returns in a timely manner and greatly reduce the risks to compliance with the legislation. Today, the requirements of tax legislation are becoming more complex, and penalties are increasing as a result of errors and inconsistencies.

Therefore, it is becoming more and more important for companies to carry out their tax procedures more effectively. In this respect;

  • Preparation and submission of Temporary and Annual Institutions and Income Tax Declaration,
  • Preparation and submission of concise declarations,
  • Review of year-end transactions and annual Corporate and Income declarations,
  • Tax situation reporting,
  • Preparing and presenting VAT and Ba-Bs forms as VAT,
  • Preparing and submitting stamp tax returns,
  • Examination of tax accounts and tax returns.

Due to the ever-changing changes in the legislation and accounting standards, companies may have trouble with the lack of resources and expertise related to tax accounting. As demand for transparency increases, companies need a tax accounting model that can be applied in central and multiple countries for tax planning and risk management.


Registration Processes,

Companies prefer to use outsourcing resources for registration processes as they intend to use their own teams in more value-added activities.

Our services in these field;

  • Tax office registration,
  • Registration of Social Security Institution,
  • Information on municipal taxes,
  • Information about the registration of the Chamber of Commerce.